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  Spring came with ail its glories. The new grass exposed its green colour. The pretty flowers opened their blossoms. We were tempted to go for an outing.

  It was Sunday, the 20th of April We set out very early on bikes, carrying bottles of champagne, beer and bags of cakes, bacon and cooked eggs. We rode along the winding paths in the fields, across the meadows and down the roads. The willow were fresh and green. The swallows were flying to and fro, up and down the sky. The birds, like musicians, snang their melodious songs in the trees, and the butterflies, like colorful dancers, were fluttering here and there. We breathed the fresh air deeply and laughed heartily.

  At 10 a.m. we arrived at the foot of the Shushan Hill. We left our bikes with a bike repairing shop and began to climb up the Hill. Near the top, under a big tree with luxuri ant foliage we had our picnic. We drank and ate, talked and laughed. After the picnic we stood in the breeze with our hands on our waists, enjoying the fine landscape. Then we lay on the grass talking about our life and studies.

  At about 4 p. m. , we returned with balmy greenness on our backs and freshness in our hearts.


  Autumn's coming.

  She is in a yellow dress.

  She is coming across the fields. The fields are yellow now. The wheat is smiling. There are some farmers in the fields. They are processing the wheat.

  Look at the trees, there are many birds singing in the trees. Animals are dancing under the trees.

  They are happy!

  The sky is blue and clean. Many white clouds are in the sky. They look like sail boats. Take a deep breath, and then you may feel relaxed.

  Autumn is bewitching. I love autumn.


  June 5th Saturday


  Father used to be a heavy smoker. He always smoked when he waswatching TV,reading newspapers and so on. Mother and I had advised him to quit smoking many times. Though he knew smoking was harmful to health,he still said that smoke could make his head sober when he was sleepy. This lasted for a long time until one thing happening today changed his mind.

  Today,when we were having supper,a loud cry from our neigh-bour's house reached us. We didn't know what had happened,so father decided to go to the neighbour's room to have a look. After a while,he came back and told us in an upset voice, "Mr. Wang died several minu-tes ago, "“Why? "Mother asked. Father didn't answer but picked out all of his cigarettes and threw them away. Later on,we knew Mr. Wang died from over-smoking. This evening, Father promised to us, "I will never smoke again. "

  6月5日 星期六 晴




  One morning before class, when I was running into the classroom, I knocked over the ink bottle on the teacher's desk, and the red ink spilt ① on the desk. I was sure I would be scolded by the teacher. Just at that moment the bell rang and I went to my seat.

  “Stand up!” our monitor said loudly. I stood up and my legs were trembling.

  “Who knocked over the ink bottle?” Miss Ye, the teacher, asked. I kept silent. Many eyes were fixed upon me. Miss Ye walked to me and asked in a low voice,“Did you do it?”

  “No, no, I didn't, ” I said hurriedly②. My face turned red at once. I didn't know why I had told a lie.

  “OK, I believe you.” She patted me on the head and then began teaching.

  I felt very sorry. I knew I was wrong. So I went to see Miss Ye in the afternoon.

  “I'm sorry, Miss Ye,” I said. “This morning I told a lie.”

  “I saw the whole thing through the window when I was outside the classroom, ”she said. “But I didn't scold you. I knew you would come to tell me the truth because I believe you are an honest girl.”

  I dropped my head without saying a word.

  “I'm happy that you have come,” she continued. “You haven't made me disappointed.”

  When I heard these words, tears filled my eyes.



  My face looks like a castle room, but the inside is always very chaotic,but I still like my own room.

  My favorite room in my reading, writing, listening to music, doing things they like, but also be free fantasy. Whenever the after school came home, I burst into the room, forcing the less than special greeting to the dolls are their comfortable in her arms sitting desk, and singing songs. replaced by large casual wear, the pressure of schoolwork all disappear without a trace.

  In addition, the room is my sister’s secret base in chatting, my mother often in the window watching us happy along the probe, and the sum of us laughing in unison, sometimes playing with playing with toys on the chaotic, but I am still feel that this is a warm paradise.

  I really liked our room, even if not always greasy with Xian Fan, it is always quiet and free of waiting for me, I wish I could always be together, and it is.


  Dear Miss Li,

  I am writing to share my ideas about our English class. Now, our main material in the class is the textbook, which is reasonable. But I think we can get some other resources, such as English magazines, songs, movies and so on. We can learn the basic knowledge from out textbook, and get some more from other materials. In addition, those materials are more authentic and practical, which will be useful to our learning. Besides, by doing so, we can get more fun from learning and develop our interest to English. Please take good consideration of my advice. Thank you!




  Dear Mary,

  Thank you very much for inviting me to your party. But I am very sorry I can't come.My mother is ill. The doctor asks her to stay in bed for several days. I have to take care of my mother.Thank you very much for sending me such a beautiful postcard. I like it very much. I am going to put it on my desk.Could I hear from you soon﹖ Give my best wishes to your family.


  Han Meimei