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3.Iwillstudy___________(在国外 )next year. This is a good chance for me.

4.Kenisnever _________________(缺席)from school.

5.Ihaveinvited him to my birthday party,but he didn’t _________(接受 )my invitation. 6.Herhusband died in an ____________(事故)last year. We are very sorry about it.         7.Weshouldtake an __________(积极 )part in school._______________(活动).

8.Therearemanynew__________(男演员)and _______(女演员)in the _______(动作)films. 9.Canyoutell me your e-mail ___________(地址 ),boys and girls?

10.Would you please give me some _______(建议)? I _________(建议)you not to smoke again. 11.Look ! He is swimming __________(穿过)the river.

12.Canyou tell me the ___________(优点)of living on Mars ?

13.I can’t ______________(支付 )to buy the expensive computer .

14.Smoking____________(影响)usa lot and has a bad _________(影响)on children. 15.Hehas done something _____________(违反 )the law_________().

16.Doyou_________(同意)withthem ? Yes,we have reached an ________(协议 ).               17.Throwingrubbish isn’t ___________(允许 )in public,such as _______(机场 )and hospital. 18._____________(尽管)he is ___________(已经)80 years old,he has a good memory.

19.He ___________(到达 )in London on ___________(四月 )2nd .

20.He often walks ___________(沿着)the beach ________(独自)after dinner.        21.Thewomanoften__________(争论 )with her husband about the problem.         22.In ____________(古代的)times,people made many works of ________(工艺 ).

23.His__________(到达)madeus feel __________(生气)than before.

24.Canyoureadthebeautiful___________(  文章) _________(  出声) ?

25.____________(无论如何),we should help people in poor __________(地区 ).  26.Dinosaurs ______________(出现 )    millions of years ________(  以前 ).         27.You should try your best to __________(达到 )a balance between work and play. 28.Doyou know who is the most popular singer __________()teenagers ?

29.“Thereare more than two __________(攻击者 ).” Detective Lu_________(补充道).       30.I’m____________(恐怕 )some _________(亚洲的)_________(航空公司)will be in red. 31.__________(任何热 )who falls _________(睡着)in class will be punished.

32.Themanis ______(差不多)60 years old,but he still remembers_____ (任何地)he has been. 33.Didyour parents __________(出席)last Friday’s parent meeting ?

34.Weshouldpay____________(注意)to the weather in _________(秋天)?

35.Hewonan___________()for his kindness on _______(八月)10th .

36.Themanhas been __________(离开)from the city for _______(大约)10 days.

37.Hewas_________(活着).Sheis___________(醒着)now. They are _______(睡着)now. 38. You should try your best to ____________(避免)making such a stupid mistake.

39.Sheisso___________(吸引人)that everyone in the company is __________(吸引 )by her. 40.Therearelots of ___________(课后 )activities in our school every day.




1.The____________(婴儿)parents were___________(严重)hurt in the accident.

2.After playing __________(羽毛球 ), they usually take a __________(  休息 ).

3.Bothofthe___________()were built with stones and _________(砖块).

4.My pet dog never ___________()or _________() people.

5.I want to buy two _________(篮子 )of potatoes andthree__________() ofjuice.           6.My_____________(蝴蝶)areflying in the sky. How ___________(漂亮)they are dancing! 7.His _____________(举止 )has gone ___________(违背 )the law.

8.The___________(勇敢)young man put out the fire with a ____________(毯子). 9.Thereisonly a little rice at the ____________(底部 )of the __________().  10.Atthe__________(开始)of the class,we saw a __________(无聊的)film.

11.I_______()some______(饼干 )yesterday and _______()them to school this morning.  12.How many ________(海滩)are there in your city ? Can you feel the ________(美丽)of them ? 13.What’sthe ___________(背景 )of this novel ?    It’s set in a __________(英国的 )village.    14.Mybike ___________(抛锚)down on the way to school last Monday.

15.Thefire___________(烧伤 )his arms last night. He is in great need of ______()now. 16.Wegot lots of support from local ___________(企业)at the charity show.

17.Mymusicis to dream without ___________(边界 ).

18.Who is the _____________()person in your family ?

19.Theteaching___________()stands ________(之间 )the library and the playground. 20.Thereis a ___________(书店 )near the bus stop. You can read different kinds of books there.  21.I don’t _________(相信 )___________(面包 )is the best food for _________(早饭 ).      22.Blue is good for our mind and ___________(身体 ).

23.Iamfond of eating________(牛肉),__________(因为 )it’s good for us.

24.The poor boy was ________(盲的 )at _______(  出生 ).

25.________(两者 )of the _________(银行) were ____________(  闯入) into last night. 26.I’m used to _________()my teeth before going to bed.

27.Thankyoufor _______()me your bike.    How long can I ___________()it ? 28.Ifyou____________()my bike,you mustn’t _________()it to others.       29.He ran out of the classroom and _________________(  呼吸) heavily.

30.Herachievements went far ____________(超越 )the film industry.

31.Thisis___________(基础 )grammar. We should learn it well.

32.Workhard,oryou will fall ________(落后 )in your study.

33.Itrainedheavilyand the wind _________()hard as well yesterday evening.

34.Ifeel __________(无聊 )of watching TV programmes.

35.Thevictim was wounded with a knife and ________(流血)to death.

36.Theyhaveno choice __________(除了  )to wait.

37.I’dliketo buy some __________(电池 )for my robot.

38.Look! what colourful ___________(气球)they are ! I like watching them in the sky. 39.Canyou tell me the number of the _________(老板 )in your company ?

40.Thefilm was _________(基于 )upon Moyan’s novel. Gongli played the lead role in it.




1.Weshouldclean these___________(鸟笼)at least once a week.

2.___________(骆驼)are common animals in the desert.

3.Weshould keep _____________(冷静 )when we meet danger.

4.Whereare these ___________(照相机 )made ?    They are so _________(便宜).      5.Ifyoufinishyour homework,you’d better __________(检查)it _________(仔细 ). 6.Wehave a lot to ___________(庆祝)on _____________(儿童)Day.

7.Wecouldn’t stop __________(鼓掌)when we listened to the __________(音乐会).

8.The__________(首都)ofChina has __________(变化)a lot in the past few _________(世纪 ).

9.Heseldomhas_________(交流)withhis parents.We should__________(交流)withour parents more often. It’s a good__________(机会)to understand each other.

10.Idon’t _________(在乎)if my __________(选择)are right.

11.He ____________(搬运 )stones and bricks every day,but he never _____________(埋怨). 12.The boy _________()Peter blew out all the _________(蜡烛)at once.

13.Canyou hear what I say ____________(清晰地)?

14.Orangecan__________(喝彩)me up when I am in a bad mood.

15.Wehavemealswith__________(筷子). It’s very __________(普遍 )in China. 16.Theshopis_________()at 9 a.m. and ___________()at 10 p.m.                17.What’sthe___________(天气)liketomorrow ? It’s ___________(多云  ).    18.Wecanlive___________(舒服 )in the ___________(农村 ).

19.He likes ____________(收集)__________(硬币)in his free time.

20.What is the __________(价格)of the book ? It ________() $20.

21.We went to the _________(中心 )of the city by ________(长途汽车).

22.-What would you like to drink,_______(咖啡 )or _______(可乐 )? -_______(  都不要 ). 23.Heisso___________(粗心 )that he didn’t win the _________(竞赛).

24.Thetoy is far__________(便宜). You can _________(比较)it with that one.           25.Weheld a big party and enjoyed ________(自己)last ________(圣诞节 ).            26.My ___________(大学 )life is _______(多彩多姿 ) and __________(快乐的). 27.Weusuallyhaveagood time ________(聊天 )with my __________(同学 ).     28.What ________(引起 ) the traffic accident last night ?

29.Nanjingis one of the biggest ____(城市 )in China. Nanjing ______(市民 )are very helpful. 30.Doyouwant to play __________(国际象棋 )at home or go to the_________(电影院 )?      31.He_________(感染 )a cold last week and got a pain in his ________(胸口 ).

32.Can you get me some _______(粉笔 )? There is ______(没有 )left here.         33.Heis a ________(厨师 ). He doesn’t like cooking with a rice ________(炊具 ). 34.He is ___________(认为)as the most _________(有信心 )student in our class.

35.Thebuswas out of ______(控制 )and _______(撞到)into the tree in the _______(角落 ). 36.Ifyou answer questions _______(不正确 ),you will lose one point.

37.Howmany_________(国家)have you been to ? I can’t remember __________(正确 ). 38.Theyoung__________(夫妇 )know a lot about Chinese _________(文化 ).

39.The___________(窗帘)aremade of __________(棉花 ).

40.The ___________(课程)____________(包含 )different topics.




1.Thebabyis__________(数数 )from one to one hundred. How________(聪明)he is ! 2.I’m ___________(痴迷 ) about __________(  骑自行车 ).

3.Ourschool_____________(组成)of24classes,a library,a _________(餐厅 ).     4.Many _____________(病例 )of blindness can be _________(治愈 ).                            5.Blue__________(创造 )a feeling of harmony. He is a ________(有创造力 )boy.         6.Sheisshy. She often ________(哭泣 )and has no ________(勇气 )to talk with others.

7.Don’t_______()the_________(拥挤 )road_________(随意地 ).

8.Let’s_________(继续)to________(连接)the keyboard to the computer.

9.The________(残酷的)man killed the woman at the __________(十字路口 ).

10.Wetalkedaboutthe__________(状况 )of living on Mars at the __________(会议 ). 11.Thereisa ________(讨论 )about the problem on _________(每日的 )newspapers.  12.—What’sher ________(日期)of birth?  ---It’s on 5th________(12 ),1995.

13.He______(奉献 )his lifetime to ________(开发)plants on Mars.

14.Wehave _______________(决定 )to live abroad. It’s a big ________________(决定).                      15.Although tigers are __________(危险)animals,they are in _______(危险).Mosttigers become _______(  濒临灭绝). They are facing much ________(危险 ).

16.It’sa________(困难)question.We have some ________(困难 )answering it.

17.Thedog_________()a week ago. It has been______()for 7 days. The dog’s ______________() made a great _______________(不同 ) to my life.

18.The________(导演)has a good sense of ________(方向 ).

19.The______()are so ______(). Do you know how to _______(处理)with them20.Ifyou don’t know the spelling of ‘_________’ (日记 ),you can use a ________(字典 ).        21.The_________(牙医)has__________(描述)what my teeth look like.

22.Therearemany __________(劣势)of living in the wild. Many animals are ______(消失)now. 23.It’sgetting _______(黑暗 ). He doesn’t _________()to stay out late.

24.Withthe ___________(发展 )of our country,I ________  (发现knowledge is power. 25.She wants to be a _______(  舞者) instead of a fashion _______(  设计师 ).

26.Ihope our ________(深厚的)friendship will last long. I never ________(怀疑 )that. 27.One year is _________(分成 )into 12 __________().

28.Theweatheris_________(干燥)________(在 期间the following weeks.       29.He has ___________(捐助 )at least three hundred thousand _________(  美元) to us. 30.I __________(不喜欢 )being ___________(打扰 ) when __________(  开车时 ).   31.I put my _________()into one of the __________(  抽屉 ).

32.Whoison________(值日 )today ? He should throw the rubbish into the ________(垃圾箱). 33.Childrenlike to go to parks because they can see(海豚)shows there.

34.Oursuccessdon whether everyone works hard or not.

35.Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon is an excellent film dby Ang Lee. 36.Theforeignerhasgreatdin finding a place to park his car.

37.Thereisnod  that the clever boy will pass the exam smoothly.

38.Thecourseisdesignedtohelpstudentsdtheir speaking skills.


40.If you want to open the file,you must(双的)click on the icon.




1.Heisoften________(穿)in a blue shirt. _________(大家 )knows that.                            2.________(每个)of us has an ________(橡皮 ). We often use it when we do our homework. 3.Shanghaiisin__________(东部)China. The _______(环境 )in Shanghai is good.         4.What an ___________(极好的 )chance for us get such a good __________(教育 ).          5.Youcan________(进入)the cinema through the ___________(入口).

6.Haveyou_________(曾经)beento South Hill ? No. I ________(甚至 )haven’t heard of it. 7.It’san____________(愉快的 )__________(经历 ). I will never forget it.


9.Atthe__________(结尾 )of the film,we found the amazing ________(结局)of it. 10.Don’tputthe glass at the _________(边缘)of the window.

11.Our teacher often _________(鼓励 )us to read _________(足够的 )books.

12.What’sthegirllike ? She is _________(随和 )and ________(精力充沛 ).

13.Theboxisn’t________(空的 ). That one isn’t,_________().

14.Don’t throw rubbish __________(到处),or it will be an _________(无止境的)job to clean. 15.Heputsmost of his _________(努力 )into studying the __________(11 )lesson.            16.Smokinghasa bad __________(影响 )on children.

17.Let’s take the good boy as an ___________(例子 ). He has lots of ____________(能量 ). 18.We should try our best to fight with our ____________(敌人 ).

19.What would you like ,tea or coffee ?    ___________ is OK.I don’t care.

20.What’sthe___________(重量)of an ___________(大象 )? It ______()2000 kilos.        21.He works as an ___________(工程师 ). He can work the problem out _________(轻易地 ). 22.He________()breakfast just now,but his parents haven’t ___________()yet.                   23.Everyoneishere_________(除了)Jim.He is _________(锻炼)in the playground.

24.The trip is ________(昂贵的,but it will be unforgettable _________(经历).

25.Canyou___________(解释) howtodo the _______(  实验)to me again ?

26.Hehaspoor ________(视力)so he can’t see things in the distance clearly.


28. Do(恰好地)as I tell you.

29.Can you give me an(举例)of what you mean?

30.OneBelt and One Road connects China with(欧洲的)countries more closely. 31.ZhengHeisoneofthegreatest ein history.

32.JiangbeiNewDistrictwilldevelopfasterthisyear.Whatenews it is!


34.In some ways,the biggest eof some students is not others,but themselves.

35.IlikeNanjing.Asthesayinggoes, “E  or west, home is the best.”




1.Youshouldhave courage to ____________(面对)these ________(事实 ).

2.He _________(不能 )to pass the exam last week because he was so ________(粗心 ). 3.It’sone of the most ________(著名的 )__________(工厂)in our city.

4.Thebirdhas colourful __________(羽毛 ).Don’t __________()it too much.

5.It’s__________(不公平)to treat me like that. Why do I have the _________(最少)apples?       6.Itwillbe _________(有雾的 )tomorrow. So the ___________(航班 )CU285 will be cancelled. 7._____________(外国人)usually have meals with ________()and ______().                  8.Gravitycan __________(阻止 )us from _________(漂浮 )in space.

9.The___________(接下来的)weeks,the________(洪水)washedaway many villages. 10.The shirt_________(适合)me very well but it doesn’t _________()my trainers.         11.__________(最后),he_________()offthe tree and _________(弄伤)his legs.             12.Weoften play football in the football ______()_________(一次 )a week.

13.Wearelooking _____________(期待 )to _________()kites in the park.                        14.Halloweenis one of the most __________(受欢迎 )________  (节日in the West.           15.The bottle is _____________(装满 )of water. The box is ___________(装满 )with stones. 16.He looked at the stranger in ________(恐惧 ). I also had the same _______(感觉 ).          17.Don’t cut down ____________(森林 ),or animals will have __________(无处)to live.        18.If_________(农民)keeptaking ____________(农田 ),wild animals will be in danger.

19.Don’t_________(忘记)tomeetus at the airport on _________(二月 )10th .      20.The__________(第四)lessonis about how to learn to speak __________(法语).

21.Thepictureis__________(固定 )to the wall. There are some _________(狐狸)in the picture. 22.It’smy ___________(第一次 )time to __________(打架 )with my classmate.

23.Wehavea f__________(极好的 )time __________(聊天)with each other every day.  24.He is __________()than the other boys,so he runs___________() in his class. 25.The bird _________()just now. Don’t __________(吓唬 )it again.

26.Don’tmakehimdoanythingby___________(  力量).

27.The_________(旗帜)isabout 5____________(英尺 )high above us.

28.I hope we can also breathe _____________(新鲜的 )air in the __________(未来). 29.Heis___________(友好)to me. I hope our __________(友谊 )will last long.

30.I like _________(水果 )very much. __________(尤其是 )__________ (橙子). 31.He is __________(喜欢 )of collecting old ___________(家具 ).

32.Hecaught a ___________(青蛙 )for his __________(进一步)research.

33.Andy has a(发烧)and he doesn’t want to work today.

34.Weshouldn’t buy clothes made of ___________(动物 )___________(皮毛 ).

35.Areyou____________(饿 )now ? No,I am ___________(饱了).

36. The woman had a ring on her(手指),so I thought she was married.

37.Thenoveltellsthegrowthofa(战士). 38.I had to f  myself to getupthismorning.

39. Some f  madealivingbycatchingfishinthesea.

40. It took a long time to do,but the(完成的)product was worth it.




1.Many people are ____________(聚集 )at the ___________(大门 )of the company.

2.If you want to know the ________(大体的 )idea of the text,you should read it _____(出声 ). 3.Thereare many flowers,trees and a large area of ________(草地 )in the _______(花园).          4.Are all the _______________(金鱼 )____________(金色的 ) ? No, some are black.

5.His_____________(外孙 )is now studying in Class 5,_________(年级 )7.

6.Are the ___________(眼镜 ) made of ____________(  玻璃 ) ?

7.He wants to be a _____________(地理 )teacher when he __________(长大 )up.       8.Weseparate the students into several small()when we have oral class. 9.Thesnakebithisfingerthrougha(手套).

10.An experienced Indian(向导)is provided during your stay.

11.KarlMarxwasborn in __________(德国 ). _________(德语 )was his native language.   12.Our________(政府)hasdonateda _________(长颈鹿 )to the country as a _______(礼物). 13.Ladies and ____________(先生们),let’s welcome our ___________(英雄 ),Jim and Tom.

14.The__________(英俊的)youngman is about 1.85 meters in __________().  15.How__________(开心)thechildren are playing in the ____________(礼堂 ).

16.Pay___________(注意 )to your _________(书写 )you may not get high marks in exams. 17.Heworks______________(努力)thanothers. He ________(几乎不 )has any spare time.

18.If you wantto be _____________(健康),you should caremoreabout your _________(健康)and eat _______________(健康).It’s _____________(不健康)for us to eat more.

19.He can’t__________(听见 )what I said,because he doesn’t have a good ________(听力 ). 20.What _____________(发生 ) to you last night ? I had a ____________(  头疼 ).

21.I have a _____________(习惯 )of ____________(  打招呼 ) others _________(  有礼貌 ). 22.Itis raining ____________(). So I seem _______(无助 )without an umbrella.

23.We______________(分组)ourselvesto practice playing the ____________(吉他 ).         24.I prefer _____________(汉堡 )with ___________(火腿 )and ____________(  蔬菜 ).     25.Kitty is a _________(勤劳的 )student and always does homework by __________(  自己 ).

26.Smoking does ______________(伤害 )to our bodies and it’s _________(有害 )for others. 27.Theplants__________(悬挂)on the window are __________(完全  )________(无害的).   28.He ___________()behind the ______________(37 层高 )building just now.

29.Going __________(远足 ) is one of my ______________(  爱好 ).

30.Youcan__________()a bike to ____________(骑车 )around the city.

31.Whatan______________(诚实)boy ! He is never _______________(不诚实 ).           32.It’s_______________(毫无希望)tofinish__________(今晚)________(家庭作业). 33.The______________(旅馆 )is just next to Hong Xing ____________(医院 ).

34.Her ___________(丈夫 )was ____________(受伤 )in the car________(事故 ) last week. 35.The____________(打猎)wentout with their guns in a ____________(匆忙 ).

36.He is __________()a book about Chinese _____________(历史 )in his hand. 37.___________(人类)can’tlive ___________(没有 )air or water.

38.Aheavy rain __________(袭击 )Nanjing Last night.

39.Hehasagood sense of ____________(幽默 ). He is a ___________(幽默的 )man. 40.MoYan was ___________(荣获 )with the Nobel Prize last year.




1.Doyouknowhowmuchthe____________(冰激凌costs?I’veno___________. 2.Can you _____________(想象)life without __________(网络)?

3.The story ____________(本身)is __________(无聊 ),but he ________(坚持认为 ) it is fun.   4.There are many places of ___________(名胜 )in Nanjing,____________  (包括Xu Wu Lake. 5.It’s ___________(不可能 )for you to _________(提高)your English without hard work.

6.It’s____________(不正确的)to speak to the elderly ____________(不礼貌 ). 7.Myjob is ______________(介绍 )the famous ___________(发明家 )to you.  8.Wehavean______________(采访 )with the ____________(印度 )teacher.

9.Thankyoufor ____________(邀请)me to your party. I’m glad to receive your ________(邀请). 10.Telephonewas__________(发明)many years ago. It’s one of the greatest ________(发明 ).   11.Ihavea dog. ______(它的 )name is Hobo. It’s lovely __________(的确 ).

12.Youradviceisof great _____________(重要 )to me.

13.Infact the clothes don’t need _____________(熨烫 ).

14.Hestudiedin a _______(大学)_________(而不是)of _______(进入 )the film _____(产业). 15.We shouldn’t be _____(不积极),we should take an ______(积极)part in class _______(活动). 16.Tomy ________(开心 ),we had an enjoyable j____________(旅程 ).

17.Hehasabadheadacheandhishealthproblemshaveihis decisions. 18.TheInternetisveryusefulandprovidesusalotof i.

19.Thebookoffersreadingionitsfirstpageto the students who read it.         20.Wedon’t want wars in the world. In fact,we need a peaceful i______environment. 21.Asa teacher,we shouldn’t be ___________(急躁 )with our students.

22.Spring Festival usually comes in __________(一月 ) or _______(  二月 ).

23.Hewasso___________(粗心 )that he knocked the _______(果汁 )over his _____(牛仔裤). 24.Whenhesawthe boy in the river,he ________()into the river to save him ______(立刻 ). 25.I”ve ________(刚才 )eaten _________(  早饭 ), so I’m not hungry at all.

26.Shallwe________(  保持) oureyes_______(  睁着) or_______(  闭着) ?

27.The_____________(键盘 )is used to type in words into the computer.

28.There are two _________(公斤 )of rice in the ____________(厨房  ).

29.Theyoung man was _________(杀害 )with a ________(小刀 )last night.

30.Heis ___________()on one of his __________(邻居的 )door.

31.He__________(摔下)off the tree and his _________(膝盖 )were hurt.

32.Thegirl has much ____________(知识 )of English _________(语法 ).

33.After they went to the USA,they bought some(陆地)and built a house.

34. As we all know,the lion is known as the(王者)of the forest.

35.Thefootballplayerkthe ball into the goal near the end of the game.

36.Thebaseballhithiminthemouthandk  out one of his teeth.

37.Shedescribedthecolorinthepictureasa kof red. 38.Itwas said that Tommy was ___________(绑架 )last night.




1.Three ____________(女士 )are _____________(大笑 )__________(开心地 )over there. 2.Tenyears__________(以后),hebecame the ____________(领导 )of the club.

3.Hetrieshisbestto make his classes________(生动 )and we are _______(有趣 )in his class.

4.He lives__________(独自 ),but he ________(  很少 ) feels _________(  孤独).      5.Hewasvery excited to receive his driving _________(执照 )last ________(七月 ). 6.Thereisno plant life without ___________(闪电 ).

7.Thankyoufor_________()me your ________(皮革 )shoes.

8.He often_________(丢失)things.He ________(丢失)hiswalletlastweek. The _________(丢失)of his wallet made him__________(着急 ).

9.___________(树叶 )fall down in autumn. Everything looks beautiful.

10.Don’tbe________(懒惰 ).You should be ____________(勤奋 ).

11.He has done something ____________(违反 )the _________(法律  ).

12.Youwillpass a ____________(等级 )if you answer all the questions ________(正确 ). 13.__________(当地)__________(企业 )have donated much money to charity.               14.Pleasewaitinthe ____________(队伍 ),though it seems ___________(无边无尽 ).     15.He is mostly __________(可能 )to be our new __________(语言 )teacher.

16.Theboy ________()on the grass and had a beautiful dream.

17.Iprefer__________(柠檬水 )to _________(咖啡 ).

18.Heoften tells __________(谎言 ). Don’t ___________(相信 )what he says.

19.Ithink_______(狮子)aremore dangerous than ___________(老虎 ).

20.The ____________(人口 )in China is ________() than that in the USA.

21. I didn’t see my watch. But I(搁置)it on the table five minutes ago.

22. The interviewwithsomefamousbasketball players will be covered(现场直播)at 8 p.m.tonight.


24. It’s time for you tochangeyour l ____now,doing more exercise and eating healthy food aregoodforyou.

25.After visiting Shanghai,we will lfor Hong Kong tomorrow and stay there for 2 days.

26.Duringherl,MaryCuriewontwoNobelPrizes.Oneis forPhysics andtheother is forChemistry.

27.—Whathappened to Peter? —He fell off his bike,but l,he didn’t hurt himself.

28.When I wasyoung,myfathernevertalkedaboutwhathedidforal.Icouldonly rememberheworkedhard every day.

29.He did his homework so___________(粗心 )that he made many ___________(  错误 ). 30.It’sabout twenty _____________(分钟 )walk from the _________(市场to my home. 31.Our__________(班长)gotagold_________(奖牌 )in the race.

32.The__________(模型)planeis made of _________(金属 ).

33.Theyhave been ___________(结婚 )for a long time. Their ________(婚姻 )is happy. 34.Theplace you have been to will be ______(标注)in red.

35.Doyouhaveagood______(记忆力)? Sorry,I can’t __________(记住 )many things.         36.-Thank you for telling me the ___________(功能 )of the ________() ? –Don’t ________it. 37.-MayIhave a look at the _____(菜单 )? –Yes,I will take your _____(订单 )in a m_______. 38.Whatdoes the word _________(意思 )? The _________(意思 )of the word is “to get” .           39.Many _________(有意义 )___________(  时刻 ) should not be _____________(  遗忘 ).      40.Willyouclimbthe ________()or visit the __________(博物馆 )this Sunday?




1.Youcanread the ___________(杂志 )about__________(魔术)after class ?                             2.Birdwatching__________(成员)doabird count to study the changes in bird_________(数量). 3.What’swrongwiththe___________(镜子)?It’s__________(碎了).

4.Aboutthree____________(百万)peopleneed _________(医学 )treatment every year. 5.Heis _______________(谦虚 ). He never _________________(炫耀 ).

6.You can send text ___________(信息 )to 1096 while listening to the __________(音乐会 ). 7.What a _____________(混乱 )! You’d better _____________(设法)to make it clean at once. 8.WhenIgotto the cinema,I ___________(错过 )the ______(主要 )part of the movie.          9.Howmany__________(  猴子 ) and __________(  老鼠 ) can you see in the picture ?

10.Youcanenjoythe__________(自然 )beauty ______________(附近).                  11.Childrenknock on one of their _________(邻居 )door and shout ‘Trick or Treat.’   12.Ifeel_________(骄傲)when I see the raising of the______________(国家 )flag. 13.I___________(从不)feel_________(紧张)before exams.

14.It’s_________(必要)for us to __________()the floor up once a day.

15.Our ____________(心情 )can be affected by colours. Blue is good for our ______(头脑).     16.Thegirlwas____________(谋杀 )last night. Do you know who the ___________(凶手 )is. 17.Thebuilding was _____________(命名 )after the great _________________(音乐家 ).

18.Theclassroom isalways _____________(吵闹),because the students always talk_________(喧闹 地  )and made much ____________(噪音 ).

19.____________(没有人)ofus__________(察觉 )when he arrived yesterday. 20.Thereareseveral____________(小说 )in everyday’s _____________(报纸 ).

21.Beijing is in the ____________(北方 )of China.    Beijing is in __________(北部 )China. 22._____________(九分之五)of the students prefer to eat__________(面条)in the morning.  23.I left my __________(笔记本 )at home. Can I __________(返回 )home to get them ?       24.Youwillenter a ____________(正规的 )exam in __________(11 ).

25. N  of your answers is right.Doitagainanddoitcarefully.

26.When I asked him if he wanted to have some coffee,he(点头). 27.Theworker has ____________(十九)days __________(休息 )every year.

28.Ino___________ to save the boy,the doctor performed another __________(手术 )on him. 29.Thereis an _________(外套)________(悬挂 )behind the door.

30.Wecanenjoy ___________(自己 )in the o__________ air.

31.Thank you for ____________(提供 )me so much _________(有价值 )_________(  建议 ). 32.Thereis___________(没什么)interesting_____________(对面 )our school.

33.Inmy __________(观点),it is a meaningful ___________(组织 ).

34.He was ____________(曾经 )a good ___________(官员 ).

35.Ourclassis___________(组织 )an ___________(户外 )activity this weekend. 36.Afew days ago,I _________(订购 )a computer _____________(在线 ).

37.About50____________(百分之)ofthe students _________(通过 )the test last week.     38.Ifyouwalk__________(经过)theplayground,you will find a ______(小路 )on your left. 39.The ___________(病人 )passed away ___________(安详地 )at last.

40.The parade is the best _____________(部分 )in the __________(主题) park.




1.____________(请再说一遍)?    I can’t hear you ___________(清楚 )?

2.He____________() 50 yuan for the ______________(  字典 ) last month.

3.Hewasbusy_______________(打包)when I __________()his bedroom.

4.People with ___________() skin look good in ____________(  紫色 ).

5.Heis _________(喜欢)of Chinese ____________(画  ).

6.Our_____________(班长)is____________(外向)and ___________(随和的).

7.Thereisn’t much ___________(氧气)under the water.

8.Thereis a _________()of chips in one of his___________(口袋 ).

9.Heis_________(准备)a ________(海报 )for the coming festival.

10.If you do anything ________(违反 )the law,you will be ____________(惩罚 ). 11.Hehas ________(答应)to________(提供 )food and shelter for us.                       12.________(或许)wewillliveon another ____________(行星 )in the future.

13.Theyare _________(计划)to ________(练习 )playing the __________(钢琴)after school. 14.Liu Xiang is the ___________(骄傲 )of our country. We are __________(骄傲)of him.    15.The__________(价格)ofthe_________(土豆)is ____________(贵的)these days.         16.Smokingisn’t _____________(允许)in _____________(公共场合).

17.Weshoulddowhatwe can __________(防止)anyone ____________(污染 )air.

18.He has no evidence to ___________(证明)he was not at the scene of the _________(案件). 19.Peoplein _________(贫困 )areas have never seen such a modern swimming _______(). 20.The__________(人口)ofthe USA is ___________(少于)than that of China.

21.-Theselettersneed__________(). Can you help me ? – With __________(高兴 ). 22.He ___________(更喜欢)___________(物理)to Maths in the past.

23.Iwould rather be a _________(飞行员)than a ______________(邮递员).


25.______________()will be in the form of ____________(药片)on Mars.

26.Iwonder if these ________________(植物)can ____________(制造 )oxygen on Mars.      27.It’s ________________(危险的)to tell your ____________(个人的)information to others. 28.Youshould___________()the door instead of _________()it.

29.He _____________()the water over the jacket and ____________(扑灭)the fire. 30.He is a good _________(表演者). He ___________(表演)nicely on the stage.

His_______________(表演)___________(吸引 )a large number of audience. 31.It’s _____________(可能)for him to win the big __________().

32.The_____________(总统)kept __________(点头)while he was listening.

33.Sheis such a _____________(心灵手巧)girl that she is good at Chinese __________(剪纸).

34.Hewas___________(授予)withthemost__________(坚强 )Person Award.       35.Youcaneat some __________(爆米花). They are ______________(无害的)to you. 36.Hehas been in _________(坐牢)for ____________(破门而入)the bank.

37.Iusuallyhave some ___________()of bread and ___________(饼干)for breakfast. 38.Icanget p_________ of (大量的)____________(明信片)every year.

39.My______________(打印机)isn’tworkingp________________(正确地 ).

40.The___________(目的) of the event is to ___________(保护) ____________(  环境 ).

41.Keep ____________(安静)! We are having a __________(讨论 ). What a _____(  遗憾 )! You have __________(错过)the wonderful parade.




1.Myfather ____________(开车)me to school when I was in the ___________(小学)school.     2.Everyone_________(除了)Jimhas ______(到达 )school. When will he ________(到达 )? 3.Our ___________(政府 )must do something to____________(  减少 ) __________(  污染 ). 4.Ihave _____________(意识到)our earth is becoming more and more ______________(拥挤 ). 5.The _____________(原因 )why he is often late is too much _________(  交通 ) on the roads. 6.Areyou_______________(  准备好) to____________(  回复) to his e-mail ?

7.Ioften listen to the ___________(收音机 )to make me ___________(放松).                        8.Yellow___________(代表)_________(智慧). It ____________(想起 )us of the sun. 9.Wecollectsome samples for ___________(进一步 )____________(研究 ).

10.He____________(拒绝)to ____________(重复 )what he said.

11.Doyou_____________(记得)how you spent the ___________(剩余的 )of money?

12.It’s____________(报道)that it will be ____________(有雨的)next week.       13.The__________(演员)played the lead ___________(角色 )in her first film. 14.Mycomputer works r___________(相当)slowly. It needs ___________(修理 ).

15.Manypeople________(捐赠)money last night,so we have ______(募集 )much money. 16.Peoplewereinagreat__________(急忙 )to ___________(除去 )the snow.

17.The _________(机器人 )are strong enough to carry these huge __________(岩石). 18.Theman has a criminal ___________(记录 )for __________(抢劫 ).

19.The___________(记者)isinterviewingthe singer about his ___________(最近的 )work. 20._______________(难过的是),many_________(兔子)can’t ______(幸存 )in the wild.     21.These _____________  (结果)will be ____________(宣布)at the end of the show.

22. I think()a horse around the lake may be an unforgettable experience.

23.If you don’t like Chinese food,you can go to that Western(餐馆).

24.If you are lucky enough,you can r  a copy of Robot magazine for free.


26.If you aren’t satisfied with the TV set,you can r  it to the factory.

27. He works much harder than before.That’swhyhehasmaderprogressinthepastfew months.

28.Itisthe_______________(安全)wayto travel by ship,but it’s the _____________(). 29.Food ____________(安全)has been a big problem ________________(最近 ).

30.He__________()hisbiketoschool instead of ________()a taxi yesterday.             31.Don’tputany_____________()in the dish. We just need some _________().          32.The sun _____________(升起 )in the east and ___________(落下 )in the west.              33.The _____________(三明治 )smell bad. Throw them into the ____________(垃圾 )bin. 34.Iwas_____________(接受 )an e-mail when the telephone ___________().

35.Last__________(周六)I bought _____________(几本 )magazines.

36.Theairporthasbeenin ____________(服务)____________(自从 )last year.

37.Myopinionis ____________(相似 )to ____________(她的).

38.Who is _________(苗条),Sandy or Kitty ?        ____________(都不 ).

39.Helooks_____________(严肃)and_____________(很少)____________(微笑 ). 40.There are many rocks in different _______________(形状 )____________(大小 ).





2.Is the __________(短裙 )made of ________() or _________()?

3.Heisalwayswilling to ___________(分享 )his ___________(零食 )with others.

4.The sun _______(照耀 )brightly this morning,but it ________(开始 ) to rain this afternoon. 5.___________(不久)after,the organization was _______________(成立)


7._____________(吸烟)hasabad________(影响 )on our health.

8.Every__________(士兵)job is to __________(服务)people.

9.He has two big _____________(含笑的 )eyes which make him look ________(神气 ). 10.It’s________(粗鲁)to__________(喊叫 )at others.

11.Don’tbe close to the ___________(屏幕). It does _________(伤害 )to your eyes.

12.Sheis__________(害羞)and __________(不积极 )all the time.

13.Heisinterestedin___________(科学)and wants to be a _______(科学家 )in the future. 14.Thefirst___________(定居者)have to face different ___________(情况)on Mars.

15.An____________(诚实)manshould keep ___________(秘密 )for others.

16.The____________(尖叫)brokethe____________(寂静)of the night.

17.It____________(似乎)to be ___________(毫无希望 )to enter the zoo just now.

18.It’smy ___________(第二 )time to travel ____________(国外).

19.It’s___________()of you not to __________(原谅)others for their mistakes.

20.Theboy has a good __________(感觉)of humour and always makes us _________(大笑 ). 21.Wecan ____________(搜索)the Internet for some information about the _______(演出 ).  22.Thereare lots of _________(顾客)in the shopping mall on the other ______()of the street. 23.Do you know those _______(  歌手 ) work places and ___________(  住处 ).

24.Icould_________(滑雪)whenI was 20. I learnt the _______(技能)by myself.

25.Thedoctorwas s____________(挑选)to do the important operation on the _____(患病)baby. 26.Iwantto be a __________(社会的 )worker in the ____________(未来).

27.The ____________(天气 )report says it will be _________(有雪的) tomorrow.

28.Areyouafraidof _________()? Yes,I will get ________(惊恐 )when I see them. 29.Team_________(精神)isvery important in our ____________(每天的 )work.

30.The___________()_________(尝起来)very nice.

31.Guangzhou is in the ___________(南方)of China. It’s in ___________(南方 )China. 32.Therewillbe______________(越来越少)living __________(空间 )for wildlife.

33.Canyou _________(留出)some time to practice your _________(演讲)?

34.In___________(春天),many viruses are ____________(传播 )quickly.

35.Isthereanything________(特别的)on _______(今晚 )TV programmes ?

36.He is ____________(严格 )in all his ____________(功课 ),but he loves P.E. very much. 37.Theshowwas a great ___________(成功 ). We held the show very __________(成功 ).  38.___________(突然),hedroveawayat high _________(速度 ).

39.Walk_____________(一直)on,andyou will find the ______________(广场).

40.The clothes are ________________(适合 ) for women in ____________(夏天).

41.I am______________(遭受 )from _____________(胃疼) these days.




1.It’snot easy to walk on the ___________(表面)of Mars.

2.Youshouldpaymore ___________(注意力)to your _____________(拼写 ).            3.Knowledge is ______________(力量 ). He is a man with much __________(  力量 ). 4.Areyou__________(肯定)he will ___________(支持)us to the end.

5.Tomy____________(惊讶 ),I saw the______________(日落 )with my own eyes.               6.Many ____________(濒临灭绝 )birds go to Zhalong for a short _______(停留 )every year. 7.When the actors and actresses __________(出现 )the _______(舞台 ), we ______(  尖叫 ).

8.The sun is a __________(恒星),and Mars is a _____________(行星 ).

9.Thereis much __________(糖分)in ________(甜的)snacks.

10.Walkup these ____________(台阶 )and you will see the train ____________(). 11.Thecomputer is designed ______________(专门)for the elderly.

12.Iwant to buy some __________(纪念品 )during the trip to ____________(法国 ). 13.The song ___________(听起来)nice. Do you know who ___________()it?        14.Weshouldwalk into the bedroom _________(轻柔地 )because my dad is sleeping.  15.He ___________()the floor just now. He is on ___________(值日)today.            16.It’s you who thought of the ____________(令人惊讶的 )____________(结局 ).   17.Nobody____________(幸存 )the earthquake last year.

18.SunYang is one of the best ___________(游泳选手 )in China.

19.Withthedevelopmentof(社会),parentspaymoreattention to theeducationof theirchildren.

20. In order to increase(销售量)of the product, the company decided to advertise on TV, ontheInternetandinthenewspaper.

21.—Shallwegoselse to have dinner?            —Goodidea.Wehavebeenatthisrestaurantseveraltimes.

22.Welcometomyhome!I’dliketosyou around first and later we will have a barbecueinthegarden.

23.—Lookatthes. No parking here between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m..


24..Hefeltverysbecause he stayed up to prepare for the coming performance.

25. The school made a(调查)of the diet and lifestyle of the students in Grade 9.

26. He made the(建议)that the political prisoners (should)be set free.

27.Noteveryoneofuscanaffordsucha high sof life.

28. The girl hadherpursesjustnowandhasnomoneytobuytheticket.

29.The police wanted to(分开)them into smaller groups.

30.Thebag has narrow straps,so it may be worn over the(肩膀)or carried in the hand. 31.Weneedsomecolor paper,some strings,some glue,a pair of sand some color pens.

32.—Whatwasthesat half time during the basketball match? —It was seven to five.


34.He works hard and gets good grades in his study,all his teachers are swith him. 35.Afterthe explosion,poor people ran everywhere in sof safety.

36.Itisbelievedthatwalkingisextremelygoodforyourbody s.




1.Don’tpullrabbits’____________(尾巴 ). It may ____________(吓唬 )them.

2.Thefoodisveryt__________(  美味).Do you want to have a _________() ?

3.Today’s______________(温度)is ___________(低于)zero.

4._________(青少年)should have abilities to _______(解决 ) their problems by _______(自己). 5.He__________()usso well last year. I want to thank him on T___________ Day.

6.He is __________(喜欢)of playing __________(网球 )and _____________(羽毛球). 7.How ____________(可怕)the traffic is ! Let’s take another ___________(线路 ).          8.It’s____________(劳累)to climb the Great Wall_________________(一步接一步).     9.Do you have any _________()for ___________(明天) concert ?

10.Ihavegota ____________(牙疼)these days. I want to see a __________(牙医 ). 11.Wego swimming every ____________(周二)and ___________(周四 ).

12.On_________(下雨)days,we first see ___________(闪电)then hear the __________(雷声). 13.He __________()the ___________(石头)into the river just now.

14.Food__________(安全)isoneof the hottest _____________(话题 )recently.

15.Hekept____________(训练)hispet dog to run to the _________(顶部 )of the hill.           16.I’m___________(口渴).Can you give me something _________(甜的 )to drink ?              17._____(数千)ofpeopleget______(一起)atthe square to watch the ______()of the flag.

18.T_________(尽管 )his t_____________(想法)are strange,they are useful.


20.Look,he is _______() his shoes. He is going to climb the _________(  ).

21.Last____________(学期 ),our __________() won the award.

22.The ____________(小偷)are guilty of ___________(偷窃 ).

23.Canyou_________(  增加) a__________(  标题) to the text ?

24.It’s______________(考虑周到)ofyou to take a ___________(的士)to school.

25.Youcan enjoy Beijing Opera at a __________(当地 )__________(剧院 ).

26.Whata ___________(混乱 )you have made ! Please make it ____________(整洁 )now. 27.The____________(总数)ofanadult’s _____________(牙齿 )is 28.

28.Youshould_____________(对待)others_____________(有礼貌 ).

29.It’s t__________(真的 )____________(可能 )that he will win the game.

30.Totell you the ___________(实话),you are a big __________(麻烦).

31.Takethe second ____________(转弯处 )on the left.

32._____________(百万)ofpeopleneed ______________(医疗)every year.

33.The ________________(键盘 )is used for ______________(打字).

34.He____________(尝试)toopenthe door again just now,but ____________(失败).

35.—Whatabigchangeinrecentyears!Computersmakeourlifemucheasierthan before.

Yes,recent developmentin information(科技)have led toimportantchangesintheoperationofoffices.

36.Thesun pours in(穿过通过)the big bay window,so the room is warm enough.

37.When you go travelling,follow the local customs to be a twith good manners.


39.Nanjing Museum is well worth visiting because it is full of priceless(珍宝珍品).             40.MoYan’s works express his love for his hometownand theyhavebeen(翻译)intoEnglishalready.





2.Threestudents in school ______________(制服)are playing a _____________(恶作剧).

3.Youwon’t_________(理解)the___________(要性)of study________(直到)youstudy ina _________________(大学).

4.It’s____________(危险的)togo____________(上楼 )in a hurry.

5.As____________(往常),I ____________()a bike to school this morning.


—She thought other students were laughing at her because she was(丑陋的)of all thegirlsinherclass.

7.Therearev_____________(各种各样 )clothes for you to __________(选择 )from. 8.Your_______________(建议)are of great _____________(价值 ).

9.The______________(导游)collectedallthe___________(游客 )ID cards.

10.He has a nice ____________(嗓音 )and sings ____________(美妙 ).

11.The___________(洪水)washed away the whole ___________(村庄).

12.Heiswilling to share his ____________(快乐)and ____________(忧愁)with others. 13.Weshouldeat more ___________(蔬菜)and __________(水果)every day.

14.How _____________(不舒服 )we live in such a small room!

15.Heis ____________(不能 )to play _____________(排球 ).

16.Howmany ____________(随身听 )are there on the shelf ?

17.He_____________()up at 6 this morning,________(尽管 )he stayed up late. 18.Youare____________(不受欢迎)to stay here,because you are_________(自私). 19.Much__________(最新)information will be covered ___________(现场的 ).        20.I’ll show you the ___________(录像 )of our v_____________(假日 ) to you.

21.Youshould be _____________(感恩 )to the _________(服务员)for finding your wallet.    22.-Doyouknow the _______(重量)of an elephant ? –It __________()about 2,000kilograms. 23.Mymum ___________()dishes in the ___________(厨房 )every day.                          24.___________(无论什么)yousay,Iwon’t believe you. You are ___________(不诚实).       25.Peoplein the 1980s __________(穿)clothes made of _____________(羊毛).

26.Wegotoworkon ____________(工作日 )and go shopping at ____________(周末 ). 27.I_________(想知道)whyyou are so __________(担心)about your health.

28.Thefilm __________(导演)by Feng Xiaogang is ________(值得 )__________(). 29.He ________()the big prize,the _________(整个) school was excited.

30.Therobot has four ___________(轮子)and can walk ____________(到处).

31.Yellowrepresents _____________(智慧)and it ________(想起 )us of the sun.

32.__________()have good eyesight,smell and __________(听觉 ).


34.Birdscan’t fly __________(没有 )___________(翅膀 ).

35.TheGreatWall is one of the world’s ____________(奇迹 ).

36.Welive in a ___________(木制的)house ________(上面)the river.

37.Whichpictureis the __________(),Sandy’s,Amy’s or Millie’s ?

38.I __________(希望 )I could finish the job _________(之内 )2 hours.

39.Whenhe saw us,he stopped ___________(挥手 )to us politely.

40.English is used ___________(广泛 )than Chinese in the world.

41.Look,the____________(作者 )name is on the corner of his new book.

42.Last night,a young man was w__________ with a gun at the corner of the street. 43.Wewillfindoutwit turns out to be a good idea or a bad one.

44. When she is asked questions which she will not be wto answer,she will keep silent.

45.Lindaspendsallher time won the new project which might bring in her world fame.